Delivery Information

We deliver to all UK addresses:

Here is a summary of our delivery costs. If anything is unclear please do not hesitate to Contact us and we will be happy to help you.
If you prefer, you can Contact us and we will be happy to let you know the correct charges before you place an order.
Please specify in your email: Products, dimensions, quantity & your Postcode.

Kitchen & Bedroom Units:

When you buying a Single Unit to be delivered by Parcel Courier "IE: TNT, UPS or DHL" Every unit needs the delivery cost stated on the product page.

2 / 3 or Tall Units - on the product page it`s stated if needs a "Single" or Double Pallet - if you are not sure what fits on the pallet please contact me or checkout without delivery and i will send you the delivery costs after.

No mather how many units you buying the most you pay is 1 Double Pallet to your Postcode.

Pallet details:

Single Pallet size: 1200 x 1000 x 2000mm high - Can deliver as many cabinets as possible to fit in the pallet sizes.

Double Pallet size: 2400 x 1200 x 2000mm high - Can deliver as many cabinets as possible to fit in the pallet sizes.

Kitchen & Bedroom Doors:

In the shoppingcart check the total doors amount and Add the required delivery
Total Doors Order between 0 up to £149.99 Delivery Cost £15.00
Total Doors Order between £150.00 up to £599.99 Delivery Cost £24.00
Total Doors Order Above £600.00 FREE Doors Delivery

It is your responsability to have somebody waiting at the delivery Address to receive the delivery

Delivery Costs example for Kitchen & Bedroom Cabinets
Package Courier - Maximum weight 30Kg. Package: £20.00 to £60.00
B, BB, BD, BL, BS, CB, CH, CV, CW, DE, DN, DY, GL, HD, HG, HP, HX, l, LE, LS, LU,
M, MK, NG, NN, OL, PR, S, SK, ST, SY1-6, TF, WA, WF, WN, WR, WS, WV
Pallet - Zone 1 Single Pallet - £111.00
Double Pallet - £189.00
BA, BR, CF, CR, CT, DA, DL, E, EC, EN, HA, IG, KT, LA, N, NW, RM, SE, SM, SY(7+),
SW, TA, TN(8-16), TW, UB, W, WC WD, YO
Pallet - Zone 2 Single Pallet - £134.00
Double Pallet - £236.00
AL, BH, BN, CM, CO, DH, FY, HR, HU, IP, LN, ME, NE, NP, NR, OX, PE, PO(1-29, 42+),
Pallet - Zone 3 Single Pallet - £138.00
Double Pallet - £242.00
CA, DG, DT, EH, EX, FK, G, GU, KA(1-26, 29, 30), KY, LD, LL, ML, PA(1-19), PL,
SA, TD, TN(1, 17+), TQ, TR
Pallet - Zone 4Single Pallet - £145.00
Double Pallet - £256.00
DD, PH(1-4, 14), PO(30-41)Pallet - Zone 5Single Pallet - £182.00
Double Pallet - £331.00
AB(10-31, 38+), IV(12, 13, 30-32, 36), PH(5-13, 15-18)Pallet - Zone 6Single Pallet - £187.00
Double Pallet - £347.00
IV(1-11, 14-29, 33-35, 63), PH(19-40, 40-50), KA(27), KW(1-4)Pallet - Zone 7Single Pallet - £192.00
Double Pallet - £358.00
IV(40-56), KA(28), PA(20, 41-80), PH(41-44)Pallet - Zone 8Single Pallet - £205.00
Double Pallet - £406.00
GY(1-8)Pallet - Zone 9Single Pallet - £235.00
Double Pallet - £438.00
HS, KW(15-17), ZEPallet - Zone 10Single Pallet - £256.00
Double Pallet - £492.00
PA(34-38)Pallet - Zone 11Single Pallet - £267.00
Double Pallet - £513.00
GY, JEPallet - Zone 12Single Pallet - £331.00
Double Pallet - £642.00
NORTHERN IRELANDPallet - Zone 13Single Pallet - £62.00
Double Pallet - £81.00
ROIPallet - Zone 14Single Pallet - £88.00
Double Pallet - £148.00
Detailed Important Information:

Proposed delivery lead times are given for guidance only. We will email you once your order has been despatched.

Important Note:

Check carefully on receipt that you have received the complete order without damage.

Clearly state on the carrier's delivery note any damages and contact BestQ immediately (within 24 Hours)

Signing 'unchecked' or 'unexamined' is not acceptable and if the driver failed to wait for you to examine the goods then write "driver would not wait for goods inspection" below your signature.

We cannot except any claims if these procedures are not adhered to.

We are only obliged to offload orders onto a hard ground reasonably close to the delivery address. You have no right to refuse delivery. It is essential that an able bodied person is available to help the driver off-load. If a carrier is unable to complete the delivery because there was no help available or nobody at home then further attempted deliveries will have to be paid for by you, the customer.

Please ensure that provisions are in place to help unload bulky and heavy items including kitchen cabinets as pallet courier deliveries are only accompanied by one driver

The delivery is to the ground only. So if the delivery address is anything other than a straightforward house with immediate access (e.g. a 10th floor flat) then please contact our office to arrange the details as some units may have to be sent flat-pack.

Please ensure there is adequate access for a large Truck and that it can be parked adjacent to the property.

If your delivery cannot be made due to any of the aforementioned or there is simply no one at the address to accept delivery then this will be returned to the factory where upon we will contact you to reschedule a delivery. Should this occur you will be charged an additional delivery cost. For further information please Contact our office.

General information:

Delivery times can vary depending on the product and the production lead-times when the order is placed and can be anything between 1 and 4 weeks from your received Payment. We will give you an indication of expected delivery date as soon as we can and we will update you as it becomes more definitive. In all cases we will endeavour to keep you informed of any unexpected delays.


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